How to Avoid Casino Bonus Term Tricks

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Bonuses are a great incentive to sign up for an online casino. These promo offers might make your gambling budget look great, but there are bonus term tricks you want to avoid. Here are some tips on how to improve your game and maximize your winnings.

Remember, casinos have to look out for themselves as well as their players. These online houses have freebies as a marketing strategy to attract players to their online gambling platform. The offers range from cash promos, free spins, to deposit/no deposit bonuses. These promotional offers generally come with a wagering requirement.

Avoid High Wagering Requirements

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Wagering requirements are betting conditions and limits set by the particular casino platform. In order to withdraw any cash winnings, you'd need to meet the stipulations set forth by the casino in their terms and conditions. These rules tend to ensure players and the house are safe from fraudulent behavior. For example, one of the more popular offers is free spins. When you sign up to a casino and are gifted a welcome offer of 50 free spins, you may have a 20x wagering requirement. In order to take the cash out, the site requires you to wager 20x the amount the spins are worth. This means if the spins are worth $5, the casino requires a wager of 20x$5--$100--before your winnings can be withdrawn. The key here is to avoid bonus terms with extravagantly high wagering requirements.

Don't Skip the Terms and Conditions

How many times have you scrolled through the terms and conditions and simply clicked "I understand"? Probably, a lot. However, it is vital to read the terms and conditions of each casino carefully. Don't skim over the terms in your anticipation to play! The time you take reading them will be worthwhile. Beyond wagering requirements, there may be other rules that will need to be followed for you to receive the full value of your promotional offer.

Make Cash Bonus Terms Work for You bonus term avoid

Let's be real, you are playing for money. New player promos are usually the most advantageous. Look for the highest percentage you can find and keep an eye on the cash out rules. Those would be written under the terms and conditions. It would be the worst-case scenario to not be able to withdraw the winnings you spent so much time accumulating due to a maximum/minimum cash-out requirement. Some casinos will match your initial deposit. For a really good promo deal, look for sites that offer a 100% match!

Pay Attention to the Eligible Games

Another tricky way sites may keep you from making the most of your freebie is by restricting the games that are eligible. Read the rules carefully so you don't play a bunch of games that do not qualify in your wagering requirement. Not everything on offer will be a qualifying game which means playing the wrong stuff will waste your promo.

The strategy is always about profitability, and paying close attention to bonus term tricks will increase yours. We all lose bets or make bad bets on occasion, but you don't have to make a bad bet on the promo offers you chose to accept! Go into your wagering with a game plan.